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Gimme Fic!

Fulfilling your fanfiction fantasies since 2004.

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Welcome to gimme_fic, a community devoted to bringing you the fic that satisfies your particular cravings. It works like this: After you join, you can post a request for the type of fic that you're looking for, and hopefully someone will be able to comment with a rec.

All type of fanfiction is welcome here, as long as it's based on Japanese media, such as anime/manga, J-Rock, or Japanese video games. Many of the members enjoy shounen-ai and yaoi, but it's not all we enjoy; expect to see fic of all colors recommended here.

Becuase a lot of the fic linked to will be adult in nature, this community's posts are only visible to members. Do not join if you are not at least 18 years old. Minors will be removed and banned from the community without warning.

There aren't many, so please follow them.

1. Off-topic posts aren't allowed without the permission of the maintainer. This includes things like introductions and requests for fics based on non-Japanese series.

2. It's preferable to link to the author's website rather than link directly to their fic; however, if you do directly link to a fic, please ensure that we won't run into any unpleasant surprises. If a fic contains rape but doesn't have warnings for rape and the original poster isn't requesting rape fics, for example, please let us know.

3. I was serious about the over-18 part.

Questions, comments, and problems should be sent to ladybirdsleeps.